It was the last day of operation in the company. We couldn’t hold any longer. Capital isn’t enough and workforce is minimizing. We were still pushing hard to our last breath to draw as many clients as we can. At that moment, where everything seems to be going on the right track, I saw many things that weren’t there before. It was like there was this strong drive in each and every one of them. I had not been enlightened spiritually for a very long time. All of a sudden, I felt so attached to the company which I did not really care about in the past. I even had the intention to push back the closure of our company but sad to say, we did not have the capital to sustain the company so it has to wind down. We had no choice. Standing up here, in the office of the CEO’s, I regretted not putting in the effort to love this batch of hardworking subordinates. I should have put in my best effort to keep this company alive, why didn’t I?
Illusionized. Friday, October 16, 2009;8:07 PM
Sitting in front of the couch in the morning, having a warm cup of latte and browsing the channels on the television. I was looking through the different channels and suddenly one of the geographical channel caught my eye. I sat there, sipping on my latte and continued watching the channel. It was somewhere that I had been to before. It bring back great memories that made me feel good. Reflecting upon the many ventures that I took, I suddenly realized a meaning of life. Each and everyone of us are humans and we are always connected, no matter what religion or language we speak, we are the same. We are created to connect, to help one another and succeed as a planet.

I went out to meet a client at a restaurant in the city and we had fixed to meet at 10am. I went there at 9.45am as I was afraid that I would be late. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate and sipped on it while waiting for my client. I was waited for 30 minutes and he wasn’t here yet. I was getting a little itch around my whole body as my body temperature rose. He was late. He arrived only at 11.30am. He rushed in and apologize and immediately explained. I stopped his explaination and said that it wasn’t necessary.
Illusionized. Sunday, September 27, 2009;3:13 AM
Watching the days goes by and yet still doing nothing. I took myself down to the living room and flipped to the classified page. Took a scan on the pages in that section and head out of home. I was holding on to much hope when I was finding but soon after I lost it. The tumbling sounds of my tummy could not stop unless I place something inside for it to churn and disintegrate. Thus, I took a nice meal at the fast food restaurant across the street. When I entered the restaurant, I got a shock. I saw one of my friends that I was working with 3 years ago. We sat down and talked for a couple of hours and that proves my theorem.
Illusionized. Tuesday, September 22, 2009;7:58 PM
Those continuous piling problems have reached the nerves in my grey matter thus leading my limbs towards the pub. I went to a nearby pub, just a few lanes down from where I was. I sat down and order for one. I was sipping on that glass bit by bit and looking around the atmosphere. Life is so different. Everyone is unique. Each of us have a different set of physical and mental characteristics. After my drink, I decided to walk back home since its just a walking distance from where I am to home. I tilt my head at an angle and saw the gleaming white moon that struck my mind with some thoughts. Moon has Phases that Changes with Time just like the human face.
Illusionized. ;7:47 PM
After that refreshing dinner, I went home for a cooling bath. As the water rolled down my body, I was thinking that this life of mine aren’t that unique. I remembered once, some stranger told me to change myself to change the world, but I did not get what he was trying to say. Until now, I am still pondering over that mystery and thinking of the words that that stranger told me. These thinking made me feel a little empty and my nose is stimulated by a tantalizing aroma of food. I walked down the steps and I saw there, a bowl of my favourite noodles. I looked around and there was no sight of living life form but only the door left ajar. Someone must’ve came in but there wasn’t anyone that I can think of. There seems to be someone looking out for me all the time and yet I only had a blur vision of that person. What could have led to my unclear mind? Is it me? Or someone else?
Illusionized. Sunday, September 20, 2009;9:34 AM
It all happened in a flash. I was so quick that I couldn’t even catch a breathe. I wasn’t what I predicted but It happened. I was meeting a friend of mine whom I did not contact for a long time but I thought that it would be ideal to make things clear. I arranged for a dinner for two by the river side of the Singapore River. I was there early to ensure that I wouldn’t be late for the appointment. I waited and waited. It’s 3 hours passed the time I arranged for this dinner meeting. He wasn’t there yet. Just when I was about to leave, someone grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back with much force. I turned around and saw him. I was taken aback for a minute and I froze. I was shocked. We sat down and caught up with the times we had lost. The conversation was getting better than ever. I was so glad that he could still remember the good old days. That was the freshest dinner ever.
Illusionized. Sunday, September 13, 2009;2:04 AM
Someone familiar was waiting at the main gate of my house this morning but he did not ring the door bell. I was a little suspicious of this character, thus, I decided to approach him cautiously. I walked towards the gate step by step and opened it. He turned around and somehow there is some sort of connection between us. Its just the eye contact that gave me so much information all of a sudden. His build is very unique that made me remember of an old friend. I couldn’t confirm that if it was really him he was always the one smarter than me. Back then, we were always challenging with one another, competing who’s results are better. He results are always a mile away from mine, but now looking at this person, dressed in old and rotten clothes with a sewage stench lingering around him. As he opened his mouth to speak, I then realized the truth and he told me every incident. He said that my presence strengthen him and without me he did not have the will to strive. That moment, I felt a very strong friendship. He pleaded for help but I was unable to. I closed the gates and turned my back against him with agony.
Illusionized. Friday, September 11, 2009;1:39 AM
The buzzing sound have yet to subdue and I have been suffering from a major throbbing headache. With then on top of my head, I still have to face the cruelty of this world. No one can escape from this. Its like a hand, not a hand of justice, but a hand of hell chasing each and everyone of us every time. Although this hand does bring about benefits to us in the near future but currently, life would be difficult. I walked to my bookshelf and read a book, “The Key of Life” after which, the secret is revealed.
Illusionized. Thursday, September 10, 2009;6:11 AM
The ringing tone kept haunting my inner soul which I am incapable of removing it. The never ending sound makes me nausea and makes my head spin. How can I remove that irritating buzz? Why does it have to be me? Why can’t this thing just settle down properly? Do I have to do it the hard way? It seems that I have to. Being a good guy on Earth is a chore. Why can’t it settle nicely? Why?
Illusionized. ;6:05 AM